• You are a consultant or want to become one.
  • You know that this is what you want to do.
  • People tell you that you have talent - and you know that you still need to learn a lot.
  • You are eager to develop as a professional and as a person.
  • Reading and picking up information from other sources comes easily to you.
  • You still have time in your calendar and/or you want to raise your daily/hourly rate.
  • You are in Austria or somewhere else on the world.

What I offer:

  • giving feedback to what you are doing and developing: Coaching, counsel, material
  • challenging you personally, supporting your personal development
  • opening doors to clients - I need to decline a lot of queries
  • min. 2 hours a week face time plus written exchange
  • duration: one year

Preconditions before you apply:

  • read the SDO Concept Paper and skip through the SDO Playbook

What I expect:

  • Read one book every 14 days over a period of one year - we discuss the reading list


  • no payment
  • I see this support as my way to give back - I learned a lot from my mentors
  • maybe we find work around the SDO Playbook etc. that is valuable for you and me as a form of payback


Please contact me if you think and feel this may be for you!

evolute six